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Friday, May 15, 2009

Big BUTT in the Big Apple

Here are some fun snapshots of the NO BUTTS ABOUT READING! tour, taking place right now in New York, New York. If you're wondering why I have not picked blog tour book giveaway winners, THAT'S WHY! Stay tuned and I promise I'll pick someone's name out of my chicken butt hat as soon as I get home.

OK, here's me and Ayun at Bank Street Books, showing off our butt-drawing skills:


And here I am at the lucky NYC public school that won (okay, my friend's daughter goes there and she asked really nice) an author visit from me:



Here we are on the CHICKEN UNDERWEAR! page, tee hee hee!

And here's my hostess herself! Thanks for having me visit your class, Alexa! I had tons of fun. Wish I could have visited Emma's class, too. Next time, I hope!

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