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Saturday, January 17, 2009

And a Very Happy Smekday to You!


Meet David and Janae, two of my creative writing students, posing with their brand spanking new autographed copies of Adam Rex's THE TRUE MEANING OF SMEKDAY (Thanks, Adam!).

I teach at two schools, and this week I was at The Other school (which David and Janae do not attend). At The Other school, I received several incredibly creative works of fiction. At least, I hope they're fiction, since they featured Swamp Monsters, Evil Penguins, Warring Indian Film Moguls and Rocking Potatoes.

So, David and Janae (and Tashinee and all my other students who will see me next week), the pressure is on! Turn in something great this week, something only you can dream up.

Otherwise, the Gorg win.*

* = If this makes no sense, get yourself a copy of THE TRUE MEANING OF SMEKDAY. Heck, get two. It's that good.
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