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Friday, February 13, 2009

Two Scoops of News!

So much to report. Like what? Well...

At long last, CHICKEN BUTT! is coming! It should be in stores April 1, 2009 (no fooling!) and it is available now for pre-order. It is perfect for kids ages two "and up" (yes, college students are fans, too), perfect for parents, librarians and teachers, perfect for gift-giving (birthdays, and - of course - Father's Day), perfect for YOU. So get yer heinie in gear and get one while you can (get it? CAN? that's a butt joke, too).

And with a new book out, I'm going to be making the rounds. I'll be posting my schedule shortly, but Spring is definitely booking up, so if you want me at your school / library / book fair / agricultural fair (okay, I haven't done one of those yet, but it would be fun), let me know. So far, I'm headed South and North... with many stops in between. And schools should know that although my new book features That Word, it is in fact a fabulous book for classrooms. I'm doing some really fun activities with kids, making books together, riffing on rhyme, and getting them excited about reading and writing.

And right behind (yes, I can't stop with the butt jokes) this book is a totally different one. My first Young Adult novel, FOLLOWING THE NAIL is coming out from Knopf in Spring 2010, but sneak peeks will be available as early as fall 2009! I am SO excited about this book and I can't wait to share it. FOLLOWING THE NAIL is the story of fifteen year old Veronica, a shy, sarcastic, vintage clothing obsessed girl whose summer job at a secondhand clothing store lands her in the middle of a drama involving the older girls who rule the sales floor and the strange, secretive boy who mops the floor. No chickens in this book, which is strictly for older kids and teens. But perhaps a couple of other animals lurking here and there...

There's more, too... more books, a new web design, and lots more to unveil. Check back frequently and you'll see for yourself.

Cheers! Or, should I say, bottoms up!
(see, you knew I'd sneak one more butt joke in)


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