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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Run with Me!

I often run with Ira Glass. Not in person, though I'm guessing that would be fun. Rather, his The American Life podcast. Sometimes I run with Peter Sagal (of Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!) or Terry Gross (of Fresh Air... are you detecting a public radio theme?). But today, for the first time, I ran with... me.

Yes, I jogged along listening to a podcast interview I did with Sabrina Weissler, of the Children's Book radio podcast. And so can you, if you'd like: you can get it here or go to childrensbookradio.com and click on "Episode Guide" (I'm Episode # 43).

I must confess that as I listened and ran, I cringed in anticipation, fearing that I said something completely stupid. I think the act of cringing while running gives a whole new dimension to the phrase "upper body workout."

Ultimately, I didn't discover that I had said anything truly cringe-worthy. I've enjoyed many of the other interviews Weissler has done, so I'm glad I didn't totally botch it... or at least I don't think I did. Feel free to strap on your running shoes, listen for yourself and weigh in on this point.

Cringing optional.

I enjoy Childrensbookradio too. My children used their Jane Yolen interview for a report.
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