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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Win-Win Situation!

Check it out: over at Pajamazon, I'm hosting a guest author on Thursday, December 20th and, in honor of her visit, I'm giving away a copy of her book! And YOU could be the lucky winner. And even if you don't win, you'll get to learn all sorts of cool stuff about the fabulous Kimberly Willis Holt and her new book, PIPER REED, NAVY BRAT.

Read on (text lifted from Pajamazon):

In honor of the special guest we’re going to have here at Pajamazon later this week - Kimberly Willis Holt (who you may remember as the author of the NATIONAL BOOK AWARD winner, WHEN ZACHARY BEAVER CAME TO TOWN), we’re having a contest. Not a talent contest, or a swimsuit contest, mind you. A nice easy one - a random drawing! Kim is also the author of PIPER REED, NAVY BRAT and we are extremely excited that she has offered us a brand spanky new copy of PIPER REED to give to a lucky Pajamazon reader. I got an advance copy at the American Library Association conference a few months back and both my almost-eight year old and I enjoyed it a whole lot.

Here at Pajamazon, we’ve never done a give-away before, but frankly we’re wondering why not, since they seem pretty easy. All YOU have to do is fill in a comment to this post - about anything -and we’ll do the rest. “The rest” seems to involve putting your names on tiny slips of paper and pulling one out of a hat (how old school!).

We’ll do the drawing at 9 pm EST (or later if the kids won’t freaking settle down) on Wednesday, December 19th and announce our winner on December 20th, when Kim puts her pajamas on and joins us at Pajamazon.

SOOOOO, if you wanna win, go to Pajamazon and LEAVE A COMMENT (at Pajamazon, not here... although if you comment here, I'll likely put you in the hat anyway... I'm nice like that).

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