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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Likes: Eating Dirt, Selling Books

This just in. Charlesbridge publishing has created a myspace page AND a youtube video for its two new picture book characters, Wiggle and Waggle.
Which many well be a first for fictional earthworms (please let me know if I’m wrong about this). According to the book’s promotional copy, these two “wormy best friends” like to dig in the dirt and “have fun swimming and singing.” Apparently, “beginning readers will dig the simple science facts” in the book.
Get it? DIG? They’re worms? Wow, that kind of joke is going to win lots of friends at myspace.
Sorry for the sarcasm. My emotions are somewhere between “now there’s a prime example of marketing going way beyond the bounds of sense” and “geez, I wish I’d thought to do that for my picture books!”
Meanwhile, I couldn’t seem to get the video to work. I called in my seven year old for a tech consult and while she was able to make my computer play several Hannah Montana youtube snippets, Wiggle and Waggle’s screen remained dark.
Unless that is how it is supposed to look. I mean, they do live underground.
Anyway, I’m going to post the clip on pajamazon (my blog away from blog). Please let me know if you get it to play (and, if so, if it is any good).

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