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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I Want My Pajamazon!

Today I am posting my blog entry on Pajamazon and not here (since Offsprung launched and I started writing Pajamazon, I have been double-posting, which seems likely to win me a lovely case of carpal tunnel syndrome). It is a fun entry about a great book I just read: A CROOKED KIND OF PERFECT, by Linda Urban (who should be named Linda Rural, since she lives in Vermont... and I am allowed to make that joke because I grew up in Vermont). Check it out here.

Also, check out the rest of Offsprung. There are some great columns (I particularly like Huxtabled, the tv column, and Zooglobble, the music column, plus I love The Cleaver and Meconium and everything Neal writes... you just can't go wrong on our site!) and a new chatting feature called The Playground which seems very cool and has the excellent slogan "Use Your Words." And if you like Pajamazon, which is my children's books column, tell your friends and bookmark it and add it to your feed reader of choice and send me comments and all that good stuff.

OK, so get yer Pajamazon and I'll see you there!

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