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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Place Where Dreams Come True

As Franny put it in the guest book of the condo we stayed in, "Florida is basically a place where dreams come true."

Well put, my dear, especially if your dream is escaping the April snows of the East coast (see photo of our neighbor's lawn the morning we boarded the plane), aka "The Grown Ups' Dream" or if your dream is being immersed in 75 degree water from dawn to dusk, aka "The Kids' Dream."
Also true if your dream is to be within five feet of actual manatees in the wild (aka "Erica's Lifelong Dream"... a dream, I hasten to add, that has led to several disapointing field trips during previous visits to the Sunshine State, although one such field trip was redeemed by the discovery of an obscure diner with excellent pie).

I will highlight the importance of my dream-come-true manatee moment by devoting a separate entry to this blessed event.

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