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Sunday, January 21, 2007

It's Only Natural

Since both of my kids had strep this week (not at the same time, of course... that would have been too boring!), AND I had a bunch of freelance work due, I didn't get a spare moment to brush my teeth, much less post. And even now, I should probably be downstairs, tending to Bougie, who is liable to hurl on the couch without any warning.

Dedicated blogger that I am, I'll take that risk.

Here's the subject of today's post: the difference between my two kids (other than 3 and a half years, a foot or two of height, about 30 lbs, and another foot or so of hair).

Kid # 1 = We drove past a dead possum on the way home the other day and then had to go through an extended discussion about life, death, the mourning Mr. Possum's family was probably doing, and what if this?, what if that? and what if the other?. Yes, Kid # 1 is seven, so what if is big for her right now, but the conversation reminded me of how, when she was 3 and a half, she used to get upset if we watched the occasional nature documentary and anything, you know, natural (like, say, a big fish eating a smaller one) happened on screen.

Cut to Kid # 2.

Kid # 2 = Is currently 3 and a half and was watching a nature documentary today about the wonders of the sea. Needless to say, we learned that the poorly-named angel shark is a bloodthirsty killer, who hides on the ocean floor and snaps up unsuspecting (and cute!) smaller fish in greedy gulps, generating puffs of bright red water.

Hmmm. I waited for her reaction with baited breath (sorry, couldn't resist).

"Wanna turn this off and have dinner?" I asked.

"Okay," she said. Then: "Mom?"

"Yes, hon?"


"Do we have any fish?"

"Um, fish?"


"You mean like tuna?"

"Yes. I want to eat some fish."

O-kay. My first child has her problems, god love her, but she is sensitive as the day is long. My second child, however, is a bloodthirsty fish-eater. Kid # 1 rejects the law of the jungle. Kid # 2 not only embraces it, she welcomes an opportunity to reenact it!

Still, with the strep, Kid # 2 hadn't eaten (or wanted to eat) anything in days. What could I do?

I got the can opener.

Erica, your blog always brightens my day. But tonight, an "Am I cut out to be a mother?" night, you actually made me want to go wake my kids up cause they are so damn funny!
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