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Thursday, December 14, 2006

My Pint Sized PR Machine

Occasionally, I joke that my publicity machine is run by a mouse on a treadmill (no offense to my excellent publicist at Abrams, Jason Wells, and his assistant, Valerie, both of whom work very hard and neither of whom resemble rodents).

Usually, I am that mouse - harrassing my friends, family and, of course, complete strangers to read my books, buy my books and tell the world about my books. I mean, what choice do I have? It is a Dog Eat Go-Dog-Go World.

But lately, I have had to do a whole lot less shilling. Why? Because kids - and not even my own kids - have taken up my cause for me!

Allow me to demonstrate. Here's Cora, who attended my reading in Columbia, Maryland with her mom, two small brothers (and sibling-in-utero!) Cora, who is almost six, loved my books, especially NINETY-THREE IN MY FAMILY. She also loved my flamingo puppet, which I bring to most of my events.

Cora informed me that my books should be packaged (okay, that's my word) with toys. Specifically, flamingo puppets. She went on to tell me that I should tell the people who make my book to do this because kids like her would be extra excited to get the book if it came with a stuffed flamingo. I see her point - book and toy sets seem to sell briskly - so I have reported it to the powers that be. Keep your fingers crossed, Cora. I know I will.

Meanwhile, those kooky cut-ups at Janney Elementary are such big fans of NINETY-THREE that they stake out the book area and fight over who gets to read it each morning. The above I-swear-it's-candid photo was taken in Ms. Streibel's first grade classroom as the lucky winner of that day's race-to-grab-the-classroon-copy kindly read aloud to the kids who came in second and third. I've also heard kids reciting the book by heart (which warms mine) to all who will listen. Loudly.

Keep up the good work, kids. Milk and cookies for all! Posted by Picasa

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