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Thursday, November 02, 2006

It's All Greek To Me

Technically, this is NOT my favorite Halloween costume of the year (that honor would be held by my daughter Franny's costume... see "Halloween Recap" entry) but it IS my favorite Halloween costume worn by a child outside of my immediate family (namely, Franny's friend Elena).

The costume, as you can see, is: GREEK SALAD. Gotta love kids who are creative enough to shun the obvious costume choices and dream big (can you tell that I was once a child who insisted on dressing up as: THE SCHOOL LUNCH MENU?). Extra points for kids who are also clever enough to convince grown-ups (in this case, a talented aunt) to break out the sewing machine and fashion a cucumber hat, soft-sculpture olives and tomatoes and styrofoam feta chunks!

Excellent job, Elena!!! Posted by Picasa

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