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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Halloween Recap

Happiness is... a principal who is willing to get into the Halloween spirit by not only donning a costume, but actually shaving his head (but for Charlie Brown's signature frontal tuft) to complete the ensemble.

Way to go, Mr. Cartland!

As some of you know, my girl Franny originally lobbied for a store-bought costume. However, due to unforseen events, that did not come to pass. She ended up developing (with some guidance from her grandma, Maryann Sewell) a top-notch home-made costume, to wit: The Girl With a Pearl Earring. Many adults and kids fawned over her, praising her creativity (which never happens when you go as yet another Disney character!) and only one very small child misidentified her as "a magic mirror." (Franny was momentarily troubled by this, before I pointed out that he couldn't read yet - her title is clearly displayed on the frame).

Hey, a magic mirror would make a good costume, too... maybe next year.

Food costumes were big at Janney Elementary this year (see "More Halloween Recap" and "It's All Greek To Me" entries).

Addie (right) is a bag of jelly beans, and Isabel (left) is a container of baking powder.

I think I saw Isabel later Halloween night trick-or-treating with a friend (sibling?) dressed as a container of baking soda. Would I make this up? Posted by Picasa

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