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Sunday, October 29, 2006

No Ifs, Ands Or BUTTS?

So, here's some good news: my mom is NOT the only one reading this blog!

As it happens, my "comments" feature was set in such a way that no one could post comments! Of course, I discovered this when my mom told me that she tried to post a comment and failed. BUT another person, and then another alerted me to this problem as well, thus alleviating my concerns that I am blogging to an audience of one (see my earlier post re: this concern).

So, now that my web guru, Ed, has tweaked the comments control, I encourage both... er, I mean, ALL of you to go for it! Comment away! I can take it. What's more, now that this technical problem has been fixed, you can give it.

In other news (not yet bad, BUT we shall see), I submitted a book to my publisher that may well either not come to press OR may grace the banned books list in years to come. Its sin? The title contains the word, ahem, BUTT. And it is not a YA book (see The Earth, My BUTT and other Large Round Things), or a middle grade book (see The Day My BUTT Went Psycho... FYI: this book was published originally in Australia as The Day My BUM Went Psycho) or a first chapter series type thingee (see The BUTT-Ugly Martians books) or even a 4-8 y.o. picture book (see Walter The Farting Dog, Perry Poops, etc.).

No, friends, it is a board book. A Lift-the-flap style one, designed for the humor of preschoolers (and their hip parents). A board book with the word BUTT in its title.

This book's fate, as I mentioned, has not yet been decided. BUT I am concerned that, although many of my hip pals are with me and think 1) this book is hilarious and 2) the world is ready for it, other pals have filed the minority report that, however funny it might be, they would be loathe to take responsibility for teaching their little darlings THAT WORD.

So, now that the comment doors are wide open, I invite both, er, all of you to weigh in on this important topic: should "baby books" (for toddlers and preschoolers as well) be confined to subjects like patting bunnies and counting cheerios, or should they branch out into slightly more daring material, like the hind quarters of certain cuddly animals?

Not that I'm trying to influence your responses or anything, but I'd like to mention one title (alas, not mine) that I encountered during my recent foray into title research on this subject: The Book of Baby Animal BUTTS.

I'm not sure how I feel about this very important topic i.e. kiddy books with the word "butt" in them, but I did want to try out the new "comment" system. I'm sure I'm not the only reader of Erica's very newsy, relevant and informative blog. So join me, all you other devotes (that word is de-voh- tays, but my keyboard can't do accent marks) and add your thoughts to mine.
Hey Erica - this is your pal, Jen, from way back when (that rhymes)! I want to say that my daughter Sophie and I applaud this book idea - it was after all my girl who used the dreaded word in her Nursery School class 3 years ago causing much shock and awe! We worked on de-sensitizing the word, finding other words (fanny is a big favorite), but at the end of the day - BUTT is just a really great word for the topic in question. And at home - we use it a LOT. In fact when we read The Story of Ferdinand the other night (in which the word is a verb as in butting their heads), I said to Sophie as she read the word, "you said butt" and we laughed until our sides hurt. Words are funny and so are kids so I say bring it on! And we must get our girls together soon. Sophie was Groucho Marx for Halloween (pics to follow) and she came up with the idea after finding the glassed at a party store. The costume fit her to a tee. Keep on writing girl!

xo Jen
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