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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hi, Mom!

The lack of comments my blog entries seem to receive have convinced me that I am blogging for an audience of one: my mom. So, this entry goes out to her.

Hi, Mom.

Yeah, Franny's spots are all gone. Or rather, they are all dried up, so the quarrantine has finally been lifted. It kills me that back in the dark ages when I had chicken pox I had to get a HUGE penecillin shot in my behind (yeowch!) and now they know it is a virus so they do NOTHING to treat it.

I went pumpkin picking with Bougie's preschool class yesterday. I was assigned to watch the Bou and a little boy named Eric. While Bougie ran amok in the pumpkin patch, Eric calmly rejected every pumpkin I steered him toward as "too big." When he dismissed one the size of a baseball, I finally had an idea. I picked a tiny dark green ping-pong ball sized nub off a vine and presented it to him. He was thrilled and proudly carried it the rest of the trip. I took some truly hysterical photos of him with his Lilliputan prize, but it occurs to me that I should probably check with his parents before posting them on the internet.

Moral of this story is: listen to kids. Not all kids want their pumpkins to be big OR orange. OK, most kids do, but personally I prefer the kids who dare to say "Hey, make mine puny and green!" Meanwhile, in a related story, my own kids are trying their darnedest to conform and thereby buck the family tradition of non-conformity.

Their cause? Store-bought Halloween costumes.

Which is another entry unto itself.

Who knows? Maybe someone other than my mom will read it.

You have thousands of fans and at least one other (besides the wonderful Mrs. P) who reads your blog. Why? Because it lightens my day. Who? Wouldn't you like to know...
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